Saturday, March 10, 2012

Gallery of Really Old Supplies

I've been purging lately. Usually my first area of attack is the paper. I realized I've got a short attention span when it comes to paper pattern trends. I don't find it difficult to let go of it. It's the other stuff I have a problem with. After writing a recent post I realized there are several supplies in my stash, some from now defunct manufacturers, that I can not bear to part with. Every now and then, they show up on my projects, so I thought I'd share a little gallery of them today. Items that have survived countless purges. I bet you have some of these gems in your stash too!

First up, and I really love these things: Scrapworks colored metal rings:
I do not recall the technical name of these things (I'm really bad with names) but they have very sharp prongs on one side and you attach them to your project that way. They even made little stickers that fit into the shapes - square and round.

Close To My Heart page pebbles, aka Window Charms:
I love these things and I'm running out. I don't think they are still available but I might be wrong. I hope not because I could use some smaller ones. I think the spring catalog just came out. Will have to do a little shopping today.

Scenic Route - the only paper section I pass over in my purges. I've still got a little stash and I'm using it sparingly.
I miss Scenic Route! I'll never forget when they released the line that had the images on kraft. I knew kraft was going to take off after that line. Definitely groundbreaking.

Before there was washi.....there was paper and fabric tape from Making Memories & Heidi Swapp:
Some are fabric, some are paper. Not as forgiving as washi but definitely worth saving.

Clear things - like these Heidi Swapp Ghost Shapes and Making Memories Sheer Frames:

Thanks for walking down memory lane with me! I'll be back tomorrow with my completed Take 12 page for February. Monday is the 12th again. Need to be ready this time.
Thanks so much for stopping by!


Ryann Salamon said...

I love the HS ghost shapes and still have packs that aren't even open yet. Ghost shapes = forever keepers!

Daniela Dobson said...

I have all those except the window charms. I have all the words that fit into the Scrapworks windows. Abd I have a pretty nice stash of SR, my favorite!!!

Christina said...

i have some of those HS ghost shapes too! i love them still =)

WillieburgScrapper said...

I agree with every single choice here! I actually go looking for the ghost shapes and Scenic Route Paper- especially their graph prints. The pronged window shapes are AWESOME!!! I got a few tiny ones used for upholstery in a Gauche Alchemy kit and I hoard them for my favorite pages.

Jennie M said...

AH....some beautiful old things. How I loved that scenic route!!

Kelly said...

I've got a ton of things like yours that I can't bear to get rid of either. I just wish I'd use them!!

Aliza said...

I love those pebbles too. I have a few left.

~jan said...

Im right there with you! Some things are somewhat timeless and will continue to work. Im jealous of your SR stash. I think I only have 2 full pages and a lot of little sized scraps. Miss them.

Melissa Stinson said...

I think I have many of those same things in my stash, and I love them- sometimes it's fun to dig into the oldies but goodies. :)